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The hospitality industry has high standards when it comes to health and hygiene. Our ozone air and water purifying machines offer a wide range of applications for this industry. Our machines generate ozone gas out of regular air to deodorize and sanitize and make for highly effective water disinfection solutions for your hotel or restaurant.
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Hospitality OZONE

Ozone water treatment systems prices are affordable. Restaurants just need to install and turn on the tap!

Ozone In the Kitchen

Ozone works to oxidize viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi. When you use ozone in the kitchen it creates a completely sanitary environment in which to prepare food, free of diseases and germs. Ozone is far more effective than traditional cleaning methods. As a gas, it can reach every surface, under units, on walls, behind cupboard, and ceilings.
By neutralizing bacteria, ozone can successfully remove smoke odor and cooking smells. In turn, you can enjoy a kitchen that’s free of unpleasant stenches from drains, dustbins, and general cooking.
In fridges and freezers, ozone absorbs unpleasant odors that regular detergents just can’t clean. Ozone permeates every surface, destroying smells in every crevice. As a result, perishables last longer, free from bacteria, exponentially extending the life of eggs, meat, fruits, and vegetables.
Ozone machines make great ozonated water that is safe to drink. This image was taken near Johannesburg, South Africa

Safe Water for All

Ozone doesn’t just prevent the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew. It also successfully oxidizes water to create not only safe drinking water but water that’s germ and bacteria-free for rinsing your food in.
Why You Need a Water Purifying Machine
Ozone is the ideal of all drinking water purification methods. When it comes to water disinfection, ozone will free the water of viruses, spores, bacteria, chemicals, and parasites. The end result is refreshing, healthy drinking water that’s good enough to drink and good enough to clean the dishes in.
Done properly, ozonated water can hold ozone for short periods of time. This is water at its purest. Full of oxygen and ozone, ozonated water can even be used on burns or as an antibacterial agent, which means it’s also perfect for cleaning down every surface in your hotel or restaurant, including washing your linens in.
With a cleaner kitchen thanks to drinking water purification methods and air purification methods, you can significantly reduce bacterial load, deterring flies, cockroaches, and other pests.
You can even use ozone in your staff changing rooms to disinfect shoes and clothing and prevent the spread of bacteria around your establishment.
Clean knife and fork. ozonated water for cleaning was used to clean these utensils. This image was edited in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Ozone in Bars and Lounges
If you’re struggling to remove smoke odor, it’s time to consider ozone generators from Your Presence. Ozone neutralizes odors, and that doesn’t just mean kitchen smoke, but cigarette smoke, too. Whether your entire establishment is smoker-friendly, or you have dedicated smoker sections, ozone will remove smoke odors even if it’s already permeated curtains and furniture.
Ozone works well to eradicate smells of glue and paint, spilled alcohol, damp, mildew, body odors, and fire damage smells.
It is especially useful for function rooms. Left in a closed room overnight, ozone will completely deodorize carpets, curtains, and furniture.
When installed permanently, ozone generators will constantly deodorize and neutralize smoke and other odors to create a healthier environment for your guests and your staff.
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