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Ozone for food

Firstly, ozone is a powerful, safe disinfectant. Secondly, you can use it to control the growth of unwanted organisms in equipment and products in the food processing industries. 

Thirdly, ozone is especially handy to the food industry. Moreover, it works to disinfects microorganisms without the need for chemical by-products being added to the food processing water, atmosphere or the food itself.
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Clean fruit and veg is critical

Make sure that your fresh produce is washed with Ozonated water

Ozone at the Market

Why you may need filters plus UV-C

Ammonia and chlorine are used to treat water. Consequently, combined, they form a third compound, chloramine. In other words, chloramine is not removed by normal block carbon water filters or GAC. So, even if you filter your water before using it for food processing, it still contains chlorine as chloramine.
The answer? A UV water purifier from Your Presence. With expertly installed filters UV-C and Ozone, you can:
Firstly, wash fruit and vegetables without the worry of chemicals
Secondly process meat and poultry in a healthier manner
Thirdly, improve air quality
Moreover, achieve cleaner irrigation
In Addition, safer beverage production
Above all manage pest control

Clean fruit and veg with ozone, get rid of mites and any dust and harmful chemicals. This image was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa
Ozonated water for cleaning these fruit is the top way to get rid of bacteria and any pesticides. This image was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa

The Advantages of Using UV-C or Ozone for Food Processing

No chemical storage needed
The most powerful oxidizer
3,000 times more germicidal than chlorine
Environmentally friendly
No harmful chemical residual
Instant destruction of pathogens

Manage E.coli

An ozone generator South Africa can help you significantly reduce E.coli.
Some of the most common pathogens ozone can inactive include:

Shigella dysentriae
Salmonella enteritidis
Listeria monocytogenes
Micrococcus aureus
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Streptococcus sp

With the right dosage and control of ozone, you can achieve bacteria-free, chemical-free, and all around healthier foods, both at the processing stage and during storage.

Say Goodbye to Food Contamination

The recent stories of food contamination around the world highlight the need for more effective methods to ensure the safety of food products. So, in most instances, the culprits have been identified as common bacteria found in meats, shellfish, fruits, and other foods.

Consequently, an ozone generator South Africa from Your Presence is an all-in-one system to help you increase productivity and reduce yield loss. In short, it means improved profitability.

Safer, faster, and more cost-effective, ozone air and UV-C water are more important to your business than ever. In addition from chilling and freezing food to packaging technologies, our generators will meet your processing and storage needs.

Ozone for Processing Food

Ozone packs a powerful oxidizing punch. It’s also organic-compliant, making it just another way to improve productivity, fresh-cut, fresh look, and fresh taste.
Today’s consumers demand exceptional quality, conveniently packaged. 

One way to achieve this is to increase shelf life and product appearance. To do this, you need to change the way you process fresh-cut foods. Ozone is the solution.

Ozonated water is powerfully disinfecting, leaving no residual chemicals, foul smells, or altered flavors.

Control unwanted organism growth

Ozone is safe. It’s ideal for the control of unwanted organism growth in processing equipment. It destroys microorganisms through oxidation. 

A simple, all-inclusive system from Your Presence allows for easy production of ozonated air and water to wash produce and reduce water consumption while eliminating bacteria and improving the shelf life of fresh produce.

Best of all, ozone is safe to apply to food!
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