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  • Another Happy Customer

    Ailsa has assisted me with ozone therapy for a few months now. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about her speciality. The result for me has been fantastic! I have a birth kidney defect which depletes my potassium levels - the result being high blood pressure, accelerated heart rate and constant fatigue. After approximately 10 ozone sessions my blood pressure has returned to normal readings, my pulse rate has dropped dramatically and my heart palpitations are a thing of a past. Ailsa, I am honoured to have such an open, warm, knowledgeable and caring person in my life. Thank you for showing me that good health is not out of my reach. Regards Desiree.

    Desiree Deftereos

    Business Consultant
  • Another Happy Customer

    Ailsa is a warm and caring person who has the natural inclination to heal people. She is professional and her products and treatments are great. 

    With Ailsa there is always the personal touch. You'll never feel better.

    Gareth - Writer

  • Another Happy Customer

    I have come to know Ailsa, over the past couple of decades, as an enthusiastic, motivated and positive person with the well-being of others at heart. She has found her calling in the health and wellness sector in which she is continually making valuable contributions in the fields she is active in. I would not hesitate to recommend her in anything she becomes involved in as she puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

    Dr Mike Wannenburg (Hons) MBA PhD

  • Another Happy Customer

    A big thank you to Ailsa Coetzee from Your Presence for the Ozone treatment Dewald has been receiving. 

    It’s made a huge difference in our lives.

    Gaynor Gillespie

  • Another Happy Customer

    From - I know a guy
    Hi everyone! I’m in desperate need of some help. I have a chronic nasal drip that keeps giving me stomach and throat infections. I have been to my GP hundreds of times with no improvement. I have also seen an ENT and he simply said “you’ll just have to manage it.” Did anyone have a similar problem? Is there a doctor out there who can actually help? Elsie Dippenaar.

    I have the same problem. Please contact Ailsa Coetzee, she does ozone therapy. She did both myself and son’s ears. We each went for two sessions and you will not believe the change it’s made … the first time in years I have not woken up feeling like someone’s punched me in the face from sinus pains. No more nasal drips … actually is unbelievable! I’ve also tried everything from Acupuncture, Neti pot, sinus drainage, homeopaths, iridologists, all sorts of medications and, and … definitely try it, changed my life!!! 
    (Rezah bought a machine to use at home)

    Rezah Waterson

  • Another Happy Customer

    Can’t go wrong here! They have supplied us with household ozone equipment at the best prices possible.

    Also the Ozone therapy has made a world of difference for me as an athlete. It really increases recovery from training and injuries.

    This company cares for people and are amazing in service delivery!

    Thank you

    Beetrockers Academy of Dance – Darryl

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