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Whether you need ozone therapy to disinfect the air around you or the water you drink and wash fresh produce in, or you’re looking for the most effective way to sanitize surfaces and get rid of unwanted smells, Your Presence has the solution for you.
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Sanitize Your Air and Water with Ozone Technology

Ozone is the most natural and effective air and water purifier you can find. Ozone forms naturally in our upper atmosphere. You know it as the ozone layer, and its job is to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Another form of ozone is a component of air pollution in our lower atmosphere.
When oxygen is exposed to UV light or high voltages of lightning, we get ozone. It’s the refreshing smell you pick up after rain. It’s also a clean and natural disinfectant you can use in air and water treatment applications.
As oxygen molecules are exposed to energy fields, so they split up to form atoms. The atoms then come back together and blend with other oxygen molecules in the air to form 03 (ozone).
Since ozone is reactive, it easily breaks down and oxidizes organic and inorganic matter. Once the ozone encounters another compound, an oxygen atom breaks away and attaches itself to the compound and purifies it. That’s how our air and water purification equipment work to bring you clean, fresh, and chemical-free air and water.

Our Water and Air Purifier Products

Our aim at Your Presence is to bring you complete ozone therapy solutions for the home, office, commercial, pharmaceutical and medical, food, hospitality, and sewage industries. We have an ozone generator and water purification equipment suitable for:

Air purification
Water purification
Sewage treatment
Whole house filtration
Water bottling
If you need an effective water purifier for your home or industry, we have both countertop and whole house filtration systems to suit your needs and your budget.
It is best practice these days to clean and rinse your fruit and veg with Ozoneated water

Full Range of Ozone and UV Services

Whether you require an ozone generator or counter top water filtration solution, we can assist you. From keeping fresh produce bacteria-free and extending the shelf life to maintaining a highly hygienic environment, we have the products for you.
At Your Presence, we want to offer turnkey ozone and UV air and water solutions. We will advise the best solutions for your unique needs and then supply and install the relevant systems.

Now You Can Disinfect Naturally

Ozone is the most powerful commercially available oxidant. It’s 3,000 times more efficient than chlorine when it’s used as a water purifier. Ozone successfully kills spores, fungi, bacteria, and parasites. Oxidation also directly destroys odors, colored substances, pollutants, and other microorganisms without leaving behind traces of harmful chemicals.
Ozone is converted back to oxygen, too, which means it’s safe to use in fairly high doses without residues or by-products, making ozonated water and air one of the most eco-friendly solutions.


We’re always happy to take on maintenance tasks on any ozone technology within our scope of supply, including:

CIP systems
CI02 systems
Filtration units
Ozone generators
UV systems
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