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Medical and Pharmaceutical

Ozone is the perfect method of removing pharmaceutical residue that results from breaking down pharmaceuticals. Studies show that pharmaceuticals, especially in water, may result in genetic malfunctions in humans and animals alike. 

So, Your Presence are your go-to medical ozone generator suppliers. Our solutions are safe and cost-effective, making them the ideal sanitising approach for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.
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The Benefits of Ozone Treatment

Firstly it has a short contact time.
Secondly, ozone decomposes to oxygen, making it a perfect disinfectant example.
Thirdly ozone can save money by eliminating recurring chemical expenses.
Moreover, no disinfection byproducts.
In addition, there is no heat needed.
Quicker sanitation
You don’t need to flush the system

Within the pharmaceutical industry, ozonated water makes for healthier, cleaner water that’s free of bacteria and fungi. In addition it’s also useful as a complete disinfectant solution for cleaning surfaces and disinfecting labs, uniforms, shoes, and general linen.
Best for Mortuaries- Cold Storage Rooms
Sani Super 16 UV-C & Ozone (Wall Mount)

Ozone Treatment in the Medical Industry

As reliable medical ozone generator suppliers, our product range offers exceptional sanitation to help you significantly reduce the likelihood of infections. In other words, our products offer superior air and surface sanitation solutions to disinfect medical areas and keep bacteria at bay.
So, from ozonated water to air purifiers, our products can be used in:

Audio booths
Mobile clinics
Intensive care
Consultation rooms
TB clinics
Burn wards
X-ray rooms
Waiting rooms and patient waiting areas
Operating theatre surfaces
Laundry areas
Sterilization cabinets
Air conditioning

Ozone can also work to reduce chemical resistant bacteria and nosocomial infection.
best for Medical Suites- Clinics & Hospitals
Sani 55 UV-C

Ozone Applications in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Fields

Disinfecting the Air

Air ozone is the perfect disinfectant example for these industries. In other words, ozone generators are especially useful in production, packing, and storage areas to keep mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria at bay.

Ozone and Fumigation

Pharmaceutical and medical establishments need to remain sterile at all times. That is to say, ozone treatment works to disinfect and fumigate in a short amount of time. Sterilization is also high, making ozone a popular choice in labs and other critical areas.


Within the pharmaceutical industry, Clean-In-Place (CIP) is critical for quality and process purposes. Ozone is an effective solution, offering significant and successful disinfection without the needs for steam or hot water. In addition, with ozone CIP, there is no rinsing needed, which in turn reduced the whole process cycle. Moreover, after the CIP cycle, ozone naturally disintegrates to become safe oxygen. So, there’s no danger of disinfectant residue, which is sometimes possible with other disinfectants.

Odor Control with Ozone

As medical ozone generator suppliers, we understand that most of our pharmaceutical industrial buildings have organic waste composters. Subsequently these composters are known for producing contamination and foul odors.So, with the help of air ozone machines, contamination, odors, and gaseous chemicals can be almost instantly oxidized, making way for purified, clean, and healthy air.

Ozone Water

Vertical Ozone Generator
Medical and pharmaceutical industries produce a great deal of waste water. Subsequently, using ozone in wastewater and as a preferred treatment over chlorine is of utmost importance when it comes to environmental compliance. These Ozone machines are perfect for cleaning out ambulances and areas that need the ozone treatment.
In short, ozone disinfects wastewater and areas that need to be hygienic and for eliminating odors.

In conclusion, this makes it a viable solution for using tertiary treated wastewater for flushing and gardening and for medical vehicles cleaning. 
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