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Sewage Treatment Plant

Wastewater at first needed to be treated as a response to wastewater entering into the environment. Public health was then questioned and public health became a concern. Further, towns that were growing had limited land for the wastewater.

Populations were growing and so did the wastewater. This then led to the water quality deteriorating. Soon the purification capacity was in excess and started entering into nature, rivers and streams.
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Sewage Treatment Plant flowchart

Key to drawing

A) Firstly, waste water from site to the two stage collection tank (others).

B) Secondly, 1.3 days holding two stage collection tank (others).

C) Thirdly, 50mm PVC piping connecting the Sewage Treatment Plant to the collection tank via 0.75kW submersible pump.

D) Start of the STP, by means of 3 x 5000lt bio-reactors with 2 x 0.75kW circulation pumps per reactor.

E) Discharge(sludge) from clarifier sent back to second stage collection tank via gravity on a weekly basis, which forms part of the weekly maintenance.

F) Treated water is discharged from 2500lt by means of a 0.75kW after sterilization of O3 (ozone) 0.06kW ozoniser and a 0.75kW circulation pump.

Sewage Treatment Plant Overview

Firstly, due to the sludge being recycled back to the system, no sludge beds are needed.

Secondly, the pH going into the two stage collection tank has already been corrected for human use .

Thirdly, with the use of O3 there is no need to store or use chlorine.

Further, as long as the upstream is maintained (all non-biodegradable items are removed, as well as food fats) and the flow does not go over the design of the plant, the process water quality will remain under the limits given.

In addition plants are designed so that a limited skilled operator can maintain the plant.
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