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Removing odors

Residential ozone focuses on removing odors, smoke, dust, and disinfecting your air and water. Therefore, with a Your Presence ozone therapy machine, you can enjoy high-quality drinking water from nearly any source in and around your home.
Our comprehensive product line ranges from swimming pool water disinfectant systems to a home air purifier. For example it ensures the air you and your family breathe is fresh, clean, and healthy.
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Change your Home

You have the choice to make your water and air clean and free of contaminants...

Ozone in the home

Chemical free solution

Firstly, our ozone machines can oxidize iron, sulfides, manganese, and other contaminants commonly found in our water. Secondly, ozone is the perfect chemical-free solution, capable of removing all cysts, viruses, and bacteria. Thirdly, ozone treatment has no effect on water pH, calcium, salt or chloride levels.
As a result, you’re left with healthier, fresher, and great tasting water that’s safe to drink and safe to rinse your fruits, vegetables, and meats in. In addition it’s safe for swimming and for your ponds, too!

Air Purification

500mg Air Purifier for Residential & Offices
ozone disinfection drinking water in restaurants and in your own fridge will have you feeling better in short space of time. Ozone Machines can do that for you. This image was edited in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Water is our natural resource. Pets and animals really benefit from ozonated water. Let us all come together and save water. This image was taken by a Grey-water enthusiast in Johannesburg, South Africa

Ozone for your borehole water

If your home is fed by borehole water, you’ll want to make sure it’s as clean and chemical free as possible.
Most importantly, we can help!
Our ozone machine is ideal for a wide range of residential applications, including:

Removal of iron from borehole water, for instance.
Tap attachment for rinsing fruit and vegetables.
Disinfectant chlorine alternative.
Swimming pools UV applications.
Fish ponds.
Rainwater collection and recycling.
Water recycling of wastewater for use in your garden.

Moreover ozone is compact, yet powerful. As a result, our ozone machine is the perfect chlorine alternative, ideal for destroying bacteria and keeping ozone levels safe throughout your home.

The Benefits of Ozone for Your Pool and Spa

Our ozone pool treatment system offers a range of benefits, including:

Eliminate the use of chlorine in your spa or pool
Kill viruses and bacteria in the water
Provide clear, sparkling water with minimal additives or maintenance needed
Eliminate organic contaminants
No harmful by-products
No eye or lung irritation

Whole House Ozone Filtration

At 034U, we offer whole house filtration solutions for the filtering of water used for small holdings, farms, and residential properties.
Options include:

Filters only
Filters plus UV light
Full RO system

Our systems are designed to protect your plumbing while purifying your water, keeping you and your loved ones healthy.

Filtration Systems

Our range includes:

Countertop filtration – for filtering water prior to use in one basin only

Whole house filtration – for filtering water before it enters your home. This system consists of 2 x 5-micron filters that remove particles along with carbon filter to remove odors and taste. The size of the unit depends on how many people live in your home and the quality of the water to be filtered.

Whole house filtration with UV – the same as our whole house filtration solution with the addition of UV sterilizing prior to water filtering into your home. This is the ideal solution for the removal of iron from borehole water.

Residential Air Purifier

Clean the air in your home with the perfect air purifier solution from Your Presence.

Our ozone machines offer plenty of benefits, making them ideal for the removal of:

Pet dander
Mold and mildew
Cooking odors
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