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More industries are starting to notice the powerful effects of O3, ozone and UV-C for everyday use. Ozone is ideal for dusty offices and general ventilation in the workplace.
Why should you consider using ozone and UV-C in your office? Just take a look at the many benefits and applications:

Remove bacteria from surfaces
Ozonate kitchen tap water
Freshen the air
General disinfectant

Our ozone machines for sale in South Africa are equipped to ozonate air and water. Best of all, they’re designed to run with continuous ozone output.
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Why Do I Need O3 Ozone In My Office?

Ozone is a single, natural, and non-toxic agent. It has a proven ability to get rid of pathogens without toxic side effects. That means no toxic residue and no resistance. 
What’s more, ozone ventilation works to neutralize viruses, odors, bacteria, tobacco smoke, pollen, mildew, mites, molds, and even chemicals in the water you drink and the air you breathe.
For meeting rooms, high rise buildings, public spaces, and smoking corners, you can’t go wrong with mechanical ventilation with ozone.
best for Medical Suites- Clinics & Hospitals
Sani 55 UV-C

Ozone and UV-C for Your Air Conditioning

Whether your small office has a portable air conditioner, large building system, or mechanical ventilation, you probably breathe in germ-infested, dusty air all day long.
Molds in filters, ducts, and other parts of the ventilating equipment, especially in damp places, produce noticeable odors. With ozone, you and your workforce can enjoy fresher, healthier air.
With time and the right humidity conditions, ozone works to destroy the mold and bacteria lingering in the workplace. As a result, fewer employees take less time off due to asthma attacks, sinusitis, and general illnesses. What that means for your business is greater productivity and room to thrive in every aspect.
AIR - Ozone Four Layer Filter with an adjustable air flow

How Ozone Works in the Office

Ideally, ozone needs to be introduced in a sufficient quantity mix so that it successfully mixes with the air in the building. With effective recirculation, ozone and UV-C will build up a concentration that works to deodorize the air around you while sterilizing the entire workplace and both mechanical and portable air conditioner ventilation systems.

As a result, you and your team can enjoy less or completely diminished bacteria, mold, and unpleasant odors.
Air Ozone is fantastic for you to breathe in. It is proven to help with cancer too. This image was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Why Ozone Is Good for You and Your Staff

Your body automatically controls respiration. When air contains even tiny quantities of unpleasant odors, you shorten your breathing, often without realizing it. 

While the rate of respiration can increase under these conditions, you still reduce the total volume of oxygen your lungs take in. This leads to a very mild form of intoxication as waste builds up in your blood. It leaves you feeling tired and sluggish.

Studies show that the effects of ozone in the office are so effective that employers almost immediately notice an improvement in the health of employees and the reduction of sick days.

Ozone Machines for Sale In South Africa

Whether you’re based in South Africa or somewhere in Africa, the ozone machines from Your Presence will help create a cleaner, healthier environment for you, your employees, and everyone who visits your workplace!
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