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Ozone Accesories

There is always some maintenance. We have you covered with our Ozone bits and bobs.
the Ozone SANI range is superior and the number one Ozone choice in South AfricaYour Presence is an Ozone Therapy practitioner and Ozone Machines supplier
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Ozone Bits and Bobs

Ozone therapy and the benefits for you
At times there is a little maintenance needed. We stock some spare parts and bits and bobs. These include but not limited to:
Silicon Tubing
50mm Tubular air stone
¾” Venturi.
Flow Meters 0.5-14 lpm
TCBW500A2CL - 500mg/hr - Plate and power pack
50mm Tubular air stone¾” VenturiFlow Meters 0.5-14 lpm500mg per hour - Plate and power pack
Simmen Taler St, North Riding, Randburg, 2169
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