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AIR - Ozone Mini Humidifier with USB charge

Mini Humidifier with USB Charger

Dry air can cause moisture to evaporate from the skin and respiratory symptoms to worsen over time. 

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body

Colour: Black & White 
flood restoration and remove bad odours

Ms Mop It

Ozone Output
500mg/hr - 25sq/m coverage
1000mg/hr - 50sq/m coverage
Where can it be used?
Ablution Control / Emissions / Flood restoration / Bad odours / Smoking Rooms / Container Decontamination / Sewage odour / Hotel rooms / Change rooms / Medical Suites / Bars / Fish Shops
AIR - Ozone Four Layer Filter with an adjustable air flow


Four-layer filter
filtering less than 0.0001mm
Adjustable air flow
Interval timer 1, 2, 4 & 8 Hours
Ozone output: 500mg/hr
Effective coverage area of 80sqm
Where can it be used?
Offices / Homes / Pubs & Restaurants / Lounges & Lobbies / Doctors’ Rooms/ Boardrooms / Bedrooms
Ozone Car Purifier with USB ports

Car Purifier (Ioniser)

2-in-1 Car Air Purifier with Dual Car Charger for charging mobile phone, tablet and other devices. 

Colour: Silver, Blue LED indication light. 

Effectively remove airborne pollutants such as: Dust / Pollen / Smoke & PM2.5 / Germs / Viruses & Harmful Bacteria / Formaldehyde / Benzene & VOCs / Bad odours

Car Air Purifier

Breathe easy with Ozone today

Give your lungs a break
Fire and flood Damage Restoration and also good for Abattoirs


Ozone Output
500mg/hr - 25sq/m
1000mg/hr - 50sq/m
Where can it be used?
Hotel's / B&B room deodorizer / Newly painted rooms / Fire & flood Damage Restoration / Abattoirs / garbage and kitchen areas / Animal sheds / Container decontamination / Hospital / surgery ward sanitation / Cold rooms / Air con ducting systems / Vehicle deodorising - smoke removal / Night clubs, restaurants & pubs
Homes and Offices or Pubs and Restaurants

OdoFree Sani

Ozone Output
200mg/hr ozone. 
Area coverage of 20 - 30 sq/mt
Where can it be used?
Homes & Offices / Pubs & Restaurants / Hotel Bedrooms / Smoking Lounges / Small Garbage Areas / Public Toilets / Receptions Areas / Boardrooms
best for Medical Suites- Clinics & Hospitals

Sani 55 UV-C

Wall mounted and/or cold room unit
Maximum floor area 16m²
Maximum Volume 30m³
Also available on stand and double units.
Where can it be used?
Medical Suites / Clinics & Hospitals / I.C.U. / Hi Care / Operating Theatre / Baby Crèche, Schools & Homes / Offices / Receptions / Board rooms / Microbiological Labs / Gyms / Chicken Sheds / Container Decontamination / Cheese, Meat and Wine Storage / Post Harvest Storage / Cold Storage
Best for Mortuaries- Cold Storage Rooms

Sani Super 16 UV-C and Ozone
Wall Mount

Ozone Output
1000, 3000 & 7000mg/hr O3
Where can it be used?
Mortuaries / Cold Storage Rooms / Abattoirs / Hospitals / Ablution Control / Garbage Disposals / Flood Restoration / Bad Odours / Smoking Rooms / Container Decontamination / Sewage Odour / Hotel Rooms / Change Rooms / Medical Suites / Bars / Fish Shops / Butcheries
Ozone in the air is better for your visitors than polluted air. This image was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sani Ceiling Disk UV-C

Ozone Output
Maximum area 36m²
Minimum area 16m²
Where can it be used?
Gyms / Offices / Homes / I.C.U. / Surgeries/ Hospital Wards / Doctors’ Rooms / Shopping Centres / Chicken Sheds / Fruit & Vegetable Stores / Cold Storage Rooms / Cheese, wine and meat maturing
Use this Ozone Air Sanitiser in an ambulance or any public transport vehicle.

Sani 18 - Vehicle Air Sanitiser

Where can it be used?
Mobile Medical Suites / Clinics & Hospitals / Ambulance / Bread Delivery / Post-Harvest Flowers / Fruit & Vegetables / Meat Cold Storage / Cheese & Meat / Mini busses / Public Transport / Fresh Produce Transporters
Ozone Air UV - 254 Nm germicidal for Bacterial, Yeast and Mould Spores

95 Watt Intercooler UV-C

UV - 254 Nm germicidal for Bacterial, Yeast and Mould Spores.
Air Velocity max 10 000 m3/h (95 Watt)
Where can it be used?
Container decontamination / Cheese, Meat & Wine Storage / Post - harvest storage
145 Watt Intercooler (one lamp)
145 Watt Intercooler (two lamps)
145 Watt Intercooler (3 lamp)
Ozone Canopy unit used for Container decontamination / Cheese, Meat & Wine Storage / Post - harvest storage

Canopy Unit UV-C and Ozone

Where can it be used?
Container decontamination / Cheese, Meat & Wine Storage / Post - harvest storage
7g Canopy Unit (one lamp)
14g Canopy Unit (two lamps)
21g Canopy Unity (three lamps)
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