Hydroponics With Ozone

Ozone effortlessly eradicates hordes of microorganisms. From mold and mildew to fungus and bacteria, ozone works to give us cleaner, fresher air and water while hastening the decomposition of dead organic material. It’s the perfect solution of aquaponics South Africa.

How Ozone Works for Hydroponics Cape Town

In low doses, ozone is harmless. In fact, it’s commonly used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries as a sanitizer against airborne pathogens.

Thanks to ozone generators becoming more affordable, more people are turning to aquaponics DIY and ozone treatments. In fact, ozone is highly advantageous for hydroponic gardening, be it commercially or for hobbyists.

Used properly, ozone hydroponics Cape Town, or anywhere else, can defend crops against spores, mold, microorganisms, and all sorts of bacteria. It works to oxygenate root zones and disinfect grow rooms.

The Benefits of Ozone Aquaponics South Africa

Whether you’re involved in commercial crops or aquaponics DIY, ozone offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Sanitize water used in packing and processing
  • Disinfect fresh water in a holding tank before it’s used in your hydroponic system
  • Deodorize air in grow rooms, greenhouses, and packing rooms
  • Sanitize hydroponic nutrient solutions in your mixing tank as a way to control algae and pathogens

Using an Ozone Generator

When you use an ozone generator to treat nutrient solution in your hydroponic mixing tank, an injector is installed on the bypass of your irrigation pump. This sucks ozone gas out of the generator.

The pump sends the main flow of your nutrient solution out to your crop, while a small percentage is diverted into the mixing tank.

The pressurized flow of water then creates a suction motion. This removes ozone gas from the generator and injects it into the passing water flow to purify water and nutrients.

Immediately, ozone starts sanitizing your tank water through a process called oxidation. Used at the right concentrations, ozone gas provides more oxygen to the recirculating solution.

The result? Mold, bacteria, and fungi-free plants and crops thanks to clean, chemical-free water and a highly effective oxidation process.

If you are involved in hydroponics, it may be time to consider the benefits of ozone treatment.

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