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Energy Kinesiology & Neuro-training

Health is not just the absence of disease. It is consistent energy, mental clarity, easily adjusting to stress, freedom from infection, emotional stability, as well as an attitude to embrace negative and positive aspects of life as a whole.

A person can be compared to an equilateral triangle with equal value on mental (patterns, thoughts, ideas, dreams), emotional (feelings, sensations, defences) and physical (structure, neurology, chemicals). Unfortunately with the pace and demands of our modern lifestyle, we no longer give ourselves sufficient time to heal properly from stressors, on all levels, whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally. When one area of our life is out of sync, we compensate in other areas to maintain some sort of balance.

Ideally, a person remains in balance and therefore well. However, if presented with adverse stressors, which the person cannot resolve appropriately, or for which they cannot compensate adequately, the sides opposing the one under stress will take the strain to accommodate the imbalance. This leads to disease and discomfort.

Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) is the most potent, safe, powerful and natural approach to keeping the body balanced and able to cope with daily life appropriately.

The human body is naturally a self-healing and self-regulating system and was designed to be in balance on all levels (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Kinesiology taps into the body's unique and innate ability to heal itself.

Kinesiology deals with causes NOT the symptoms. By treating symptoms we are suppressing the body's way of expressing that we are unable to adapt to life or a situation appropriately. Kinesiology treats the whole person in order to find out what is behind the symptoms.

This is a non-invasive therapy and uses many different aspects like pressure and reflex points to re-establish balance.

How it works

An essential skill of the Kinesiologist is muscle testing. The term “muscle checking” is a reference to the actual use of applying pressure in some way to check for a change in response of that muscle.

This skill works with the connection between your muscles to your brain. Anything that registers in your brain as a stress (anything to do with your health, work, finances, relationships, goals, specific events in your life, inherited patterns, learning abilities, etc.) is reflected in your nervous system and in your muscles.

A Kinesiologist identifies via muscle monitoring where the stressors and blockages lie and through various techniques re-establishes balance where previously imbalance, disease and discomfort existed.


Neuro-Training works with the Universal Laws of Recuperation and honours the uniqueness of every person. No two people have the same genetic history, the same experience of life, the same inherited patterns, or the same motivators, resources, limitations and fears. Each person has their own unique healing path.

the expression of our values within ourselves, our families, society, and within the Universal Laws.

When we respond to life with fear, when we focus on defending, justifying, and compensating for the things we feel we cannot change; where we feel we have no choice, or suppress those things that we have no solutions for - we are surviving.

When we focus on solutions to the things that challenge us; when we retrain our neurology to positive expression; when we focus on our potential, our opportunities, our life direction, our healing and our quality of spirit - we are living.

Neuro-Training uses many skills, techniques, references, and challenges, together with an artistry of application, to find the most appropriate way for the person to retrain their neurology to be solution oriented. Solution oriented means becoming aware of the limitations, the fears, the negative motivators, but focusing not on how to defend against these but how to focus on finding the solutions.

Imagine being able to redirect the energy that is tied up by fears, anxieties, suppressions and compensations, and putting it towards finding solutions to the challenges in life. Imagine the benefit of focusing all that released energy into dreams, plans, and personal potential; having access to inherited resources and a positive expression of the unique person that each of us is.

How can you benefit?

Kinesiology can help with

  • Feeling stuck, blocked, unmotivated, stagnated in life
  • Relationship/work stresses and difficulties
  • Anxiety, stress, feeling unable to cope
  • Fatigue syndromes and other emotional issues
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Memory, concentration
  • Physical ailments. Muscles aches and pain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Weight Loss
  • Pre and postnatal difficulties
  • Dyslexia, learning and communication difficulties/exam stresses
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Low self esteem/social pressures
  • Negative behavioural patterns
  • Dealing with loss/grieving
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Allergies and recurrent infections
  • Fears, Phobias, Paranoia & Addictions
  • Digestive disorder, IBT, Nutritional deficiencies
  • Hormonal/Menstrual problems
  • ...and many more physical, mental and emotional symptoms

Some ways in which Kinesiology can benefit you

  • More energy and motivation to do life
  • Greater understanding and acceptance of yourself and others
  • Choices and solutions, where none seemed to exist before
  • More appropriate and increased functioning ability in all areas of life – mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Good physical stamina
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional Stability
  • Improved quality of life
  • Adopt an attitude to embrace negative and positive aspects of life a whole
  • Able to make choices and find solutions where none seemed to exist before
  • Easily adjusting to stress and change
  • Freedom from infection
  • More appropriate reactions in stressful environments and situations
  • Improved coping ability
  • Empowering and integration of self

Questions often asked

Will Kinesiology diagnose disease and prescribe medicine?
No, Kinesiology testing does not diagnose disease nor prescribe medicine. We also do not “take you off” any medicine you may currently be taking.
Will Kinesiology cure me?
No-one can cure anyone else. As Kinesiologists, we do not "heal" or "treat" but work to re-establish balance so that you can heal more effectively and improve your quality of life on your own.
When I get better, how long will it last?
This depends on the individual. There is one certainty in life and that is change! Whilst we are living we are constantly presented with stressors, and how long we remain in balance depends on our genetic make-up and our ability to adapt to change appropriately.

NB all sessions are treated as strictly confidential

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